The GRemoteActionGroup interface is implemented by gtk.ActionGroup instances that either transmit action invocations to other processes or receive action invocations in the local process from other processes.

The interface has _full variants of the two methods on gtk.ActionGroup used to activate actions: Action.groupActivateAction and Action.groupChangeActionState. These variants allow a "platform data" glib.Variant to be specified: a dictionary providing context for the action invocation (for example: timestamps, startup notification IDs, etc).

gio.DBusActionGroup implements GRemoteActionGroup This provides a mechanism to send platform data for action invocations over D-Bus.

Additionally, g_dbus_connection_export_action_group() will check if the exported gtk.ActionGroup implements GRemoteActionGroup and use the _full variants of the calls if available. This provides a mechanism by which to receive platform data for action invocations that arrive by way of D-Bus.



void activateActionFull(string actionName, Variant parameter, Variant platformData)

Activates the remote action.

void changeActionStateFull(string actionName, Variant value, Variant platformData)

Changes the state of a remote action.

GRemoteActionGroup* getRemoteActionGroupStruct(bool transferOwnership = false)

Get the main Gtk struct