AtkComponent should be implemented by most if not all UI elements with an actual on-screen presence, i.e. components which can be said to have a screen-coordinate bounding box. Virtually all widgets will need to have AtkComponent implementations provided for their corresponding AtkObject class. In short, only UI elements which are *not* GUI elements will omit this ATK interface.

A possible exception might be textual information with a transparent background, in which case text glyph bounding box information is provided by AtkText



uint addFocusHandler(AtkFocusHandler handler)

Add the specified handler to the set of functions to be called when this object receives focus events (in or out). If the handler is already added it is not added again

gulong addOnBoundsChanged(void delegate(Rectangle, ComponentIF) dlg, ConnectFlags connectFlags = cast(ConnectFlags)0)

The 'bounds-changed" signal is emitted when the bposition or size of the component changes.

bool contains(int x, int y, AtkCoordType coordType)

Checks whether the specified point is within the extent of the component.

double getAlpha()

Returns the alpha value (i.e. the opacity) for this component, on a scale from 0 (fully transparent) to 1.0 (fully opaque).

AtkComponent* getComponentStruct(bool transferOwnership = false)

Get the main Gtk struct

void getExtents(out int x, out int y, out int width, out int height, AtkCoordType coordType)

Gets the rectangle which gives the extent of the component.

AtkLayer getLayer()

Gets the layer of the component.

int getMdiZorder()

Gets the zorder of the component. The value G_MININT will be returned if the layer of the component is not ATK_LAYER_MDI or ATK_LAYER_WINDOW.

void getPosition(out int x, out int y, AtkCoordType coordType)

Gets the position of component in the form of a point specifying component's top-left corner.

void getSize(out int width, out int height)

Gets the size of the component in terms of width and height.

bool grabFocus()

Grabs focus for this component.

ObjectAtk refAccessibleAtPoint(int x, int y, AtkCoordType coordType)

Gets a reference to the accessible child, if one exists, at the coordinate point specified by x and y.

void removeFocusHandler(uint handlerId)

Remove the handler specified by handler_id from the list of functions to be executed when this object receives focus events (in or out).

bool setExtents(int x, int y, int width, int height, AtkCoordType coordType)

Sets the extents of component.

bool setPosition(int x, int y, AtkCoordType coordType)

Sets the postition of component.

bool setSize(int width, int height)

Set the size of the component in terms of width and height.